What Are The Amazing Features Of Aquarium Of Niagara?

Various kinds of amusements are available for the visitors of the aquarium of Niagara. The visitors are delighted to meet the trained seals at the aquarium.

  • People make it a point not to miss interacting with the seals. They are also one of the major highlights of the season. The visit to the seals is a 20 min session and includes viewing the training and care of the aquatic lives there.
  • People are also allowed to feed and play with the seals.
  • Charges per person for these sessions are $55 but reduced prices of $45 or $39 for aquarium members. Tours are conducted every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
  • Timings for the visitors are 11:30 AM or 1:00 PM.

Knowing How The Staff Cares For The Animals

Lot of effort go in to keep the animals feel like they are at home.

  • Keeping them comfortable helps keep them in a good mood. A good mood ensures health. There are guided tours for this where the aquarium’s expert trainers will help you explore and know how the animals are cared for.
  • Sea water is artificially made to ensure that the marine creatures feel right at home.
  • This is a half an hour tour where the visitors can go behind the scenes and meet up with the animals up close.
  • This tour concludes with a sea lion show named as “Spirit of the Sea”.
  • These tours take place on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays

The Humboldt Penguin Show

Penguins are adorable to look at. These flightless birds flop sideways to make their way forward. In these sections the people are allowed to get close to the penguins under trained supervision. Penguins are fun to interact with. They are highly intelligent creatures.

  • A 20 minutes interaction with penguins cost $65 for regular people and $55 for each member.
  • Heavy discounts are forged for people visiting in large groups.

The Shark Program

Sharks are one of the most misunderstood creatures of Mother Nature. They are feared by the humans and hence killed. Some regions of the world hunt sharks for their skin and meat. Hence a large number of species of shark are going extinct.

  • Here, experts will discuss about the natures of different sharks, their eating habits, their hunting techniques and most of all whether they are really a threat to mankind.
  • No age bar for this section.
  • And a tour only costs $5. This knowledgeable session is sure to make one see the top predator of the ocean in a new light of appreciation.

All-Star Aquatic Camps For Children

Summer camps are the little getaway joys for children which they look forward to for the entire year.

  • The all-star camp lets the children get up close and personal with their favourite aquatic animals.
  • Everyday a new animal is featured and hence a new learning experience for the children.
  • This focuses on the concentration, knowledge and hands on experience for the child.
  • Cost per person is $225 and $210 for aquarium members.